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Again for the umpteenth time in my head all that was that drunken night came up, so I did not knock on the door anymore.
In my room I found a bottle of vodka bought for a rainy day and, after drinking a glass, I fell asleep.
In a dream Lariska came to me again, on which she stands, scolded me with obscenities.

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I ended up agreeing with him for $ 55,000, which is normal for such work.
He completely agreed with me, since I threatened to contact another company if he didn’t throw off the prices, since now there’s always competition and it’s not hard to find workers.
An advance of at least $ 10,000 must be transferred to their current account, the data I have recorded.

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“God, how evil you are all,” the nurse sighed, continuing to unfold my “diapers,” “If now, in seventh or eighth grade, such, it’s scary to think what will happen when you grow up.”
Fully freeing me from the sheets, the nurse felt my groin.
“What a wet one,” she sighed. “Nothing, now I’ll wash you.”

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Oh, how are you, Dyunyasha, awkward! – suddenly the princess cried out a little, – you hurt, you can break a claw, clumsy cow.
Forgive, forgive, forgive, madam, I inadvertently! – Dyunyasha, on her knees, rushed to kiss the mistress’s legs, – excuse me, madam, I accidentally do not punish, madam, have mercy on the princess! Dyunyasha, knowing full well how such “awkwardness” of serf slaves turn around, frantically begged for mercy.
Ah, Dunash, I was dozing off, when you massaged my leg, in a subtle dream, I again had that young cornet that was at the Golitsyn ball, he approached me.