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His leg is only one and hangs idle under his belly, while the Abortary walks on six asymmetrically arranged members, which often ejaculate from constant arousal.
From constant use, the members become hardened and covered with layers of dirt.
Therefore, the process of its reproduction is difficult, because the female, who can only jump, does not get high on her frozen semen stains mixed with clay.

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One summer I decided to go fishing.
Yes, a little about myself, I was about twenty-five years old, I worked on my minibus by telephone orders: if there are orders, you work, there are no orders, you rest.
And having collected my belongings, tackles, not forgetting to grab a small hinged motor, I went to a familiar ranger, from him I had already ordered a boat, attached a motor to it, and forth to the islands.

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Another tattoo in the form of a crown was on the pubis, Marina did it, unlike the first, on her own initiative, and I always asked her for fun, like, well, and for whom is she? “This is for the gynecologist,” my faithful wife joked.
Yes, no matter how this “gynecologist” turned out to be today that yesterday’s negro, I thought.
Well, okay, everything has already been decided.