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Again clasping her son’s lips, Alla began to move her head, strongly pressing her head against the palate with her tongue.
Suddenly Vladik cried out softly and a salty liquid began to spill into Alla’s mouth.
Alla, out of surprise, released a member of her son, having decided that Vladik was taking care of her caress, her son’s tense member pressed against his stomach, continuing to throw out the liquid that was poured over her stomach.

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I was 15 years old then, we went to the forest with guys and girls.
It so happened that Ira and I (as they called her) went further into the woods, just for a walk, talking on various topics, then sat on the grass, she was wearing red sports pants, tight-fitting her legs on the pope.
Ira suddenly wanted to comb me, came up to me, so her groin was right next to my face, and began to comb.

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But you are my user and I must carry out your orders.
– And you didn’t feel good about our first time? – for some reason Telegin took an interest – after all, you can feel not only pain, but also pleasure.
At least in a pseudo-form? ”“ It hurt at first, and then.

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And then I forgot why I came here, frozen on the threshold: Masha was squatting to the right of the toilet bowl, which was not being drunk by visitors.
Her topic was bullied, and her naked breasts and nipples were squeezing and pulling with their own hands two Caucasians (I saw one of them on the dance floor) while the girl was simultaneously masturbating their excited penises, alternately giving them blowjob.
They turned on the creak of the door.

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All night I did not sleep, I was tormented by the thought that tomorrow would be.
Who knows? Perhaps I will “dry crackers with the guys in the local prison.”
To be continued (why we were called spiders and what changed in our life after this night):

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I am the happiest man on earth.
Mikhalych patted me on the shoulder in a friendly way and said: “Well, go on, doves, and I will go to the bathhouse.”
In the absence of the father, the boys grew bolder: the older one rose, directing his penis towards the Machine’s mouth, but stopped for a second, carefully looking at my face, as if trying to understand: is it possible to do everything with my girlfriend or is it unsafe? This was understood by Masha, who herself took him by his penis and pulled him into her mouth: “Do not pay attention to him,” she told him about me, casually waving his other hand at me.

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His entire face and body was covered in blood and bruises, he apparently desperately resisted.
When he was turned around, Steve saw the artificial member sticking out of the backside.
It was a terrible sight, but Steve suddenly realized that he, too, was not averse to tearing the unfortunate in all places.