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The first grumbled at the second, that he had finished in me.
I was also unhappy, but nobody was interested in my opinion, and I could not express it, since I already had a member of the second in my mouth.
My juices and sperm mmmm delicious! So I was flogged for quite a long time, I even managed to finish it once.

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Oh, God, and now in it, in this Tale, a piece of myself !!! Right in those living her eyes !!! In their bottomless depth: By forcing me to think about the

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fact that now she is no longer the same as before, but some kind of such is my own, as if! Special !! Already here it is felt directly that mine! All my !!! I just really felt it all-all my own! I felt what kind of a womb I have in the womb itself !!! Good lord Feel like a girl! And not even a girlfriend, but a fairy tale !!! Already a whole two times in it, in such beauty, finished! I love her baby !!! Every her eyelash, every every her cell! Just madly adore her all !!! Foolish still this girl Zhenya! For the fact that she, Eugene, dragging a boy’s name, but being a girl, she, so to be honest, girl-like, absolutely everything, now gave me everything! What I really wanted, and that she could only give me, being at the moment still just such a young teenage girl! But she has a figurine however, and everything is everything !!! Everything is with her: – Lord, Zhenya, I have such a pretty girl, eh! And when you grow up, baby, and become my wife, will you also call me to you? – Oops: Sorry !!! – Or still, “sorry”? – Yes?.
– her close eyes look inquiringly at me.
– Sorry ?! Yes? – Come on, tell me now; excuse me, Kohl.

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Sasha was the only one of the numerous Irkin fuckers I really made friends with, so I didn’t mind if my wife fucked him without informing me about it.
Moreover, the opportunity to fuck them was more than enough.
Sasha kept a tattoo parlor not far from our house, where Irka was one of the best masters.

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“It is strange that the courtyard is empty,” came the sonorous girl’s voice, which belonged to the oldest of the princesses — dark-haired Selena.
She was remarkably like a mother.
“To tell the truth, we didn’t see anyone at all, except for the warriors who met us at the border,” the queen added in surprise.