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Chirping nonsense, she lay down for five minutes and glancing at the Pupkinsky end, she admired: – Well, they say, you and the eagle! Well, if you want and you can, hurray! And they fought three days and three nights, and the winds fell silent, and the rivers stopped, and the damp wallpaper fell from the walls.
Stopped this nightmare inexorable time.
Hastily dressed Pupkin ran along Peter and was terribly shy of continuing erection.

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Mathieu barely managed to turn his head to see the double-folded belt whistling down on his bare hemispheres.
There was a ringing clap from the contact of polished skin with the boy’s naked body.
For the first second, Mathieu did not feel the pain, but then she came and made him jerk forward, so he almost hit his head on the back of the sofa.

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She trembled, convulsing, and fell to the floor as soon as he left her body.
Her mind was on the verge of darkness, and she was already falling into her, still twitching, feeling that hot, sticky liquid that flows from her body.
The queen looked in horror at her daughter, who had just been brutally raped by this monster.