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Surprised how the guy got along peacefully with his intolerable boss, systematically harassing poor subordinates.
“Executive,” the girls concluded.
For the first time they spoke at the ATM at the checkpoint, where he tried to make some manipulations with the personal account.

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Women-daughters, like when they are owned by a strong man (I do not mean myself, but in general).
Behind which, they were like behind a wall.
Gradually, my tender and tender kisses, turned into tougher, sometimes more rude.

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He held his hands, her elastic buttocks.
“And how could I let you do this?” – said the girl.
– What a disgrace! Tomorrow at the institute everyone will know that I slept with you! – Well, if you are a good girl, we will not tell anyone about it! – Do not say that! If you have mastered me with cunning, this does not mean that you can talk to me like that! Instead of arguing with the girl, the guy increased speed, causing small waves on Larissa’s ass.

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So looking into his eyes, he began to tune in for another working day, which will be heavier than all the previous ones.
Today there will be not only massage, not only just tactile contact with the client, he has already confidently coped with this.
Today will be more serious test.