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The rain, judging by the drumming, did not abate.
In the windowpane my reflection in a tight black T-shirt and dark-gray hipster-shorts was guessed.
He turned his back to the window.

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Her weighty member swayed to the rhythm of her rapid movements, and heavy eggs slapped on legs covered in beautiful stockings.
It was very beautiful, graceful, erotic and exciting.
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I was pressed to the stairs, I got up with my feet on the lower step and took up the railing.
Nikolai Anatolyevich came in from the back and immediately put a point in my eye, and in front of one of the guests began to poke my limp dick into my mouth.
I wanted to finish it all as soon as possible so I could run to you to beg for forgiveness.

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And for this, my dear, Moscow is waiting for you – Petushki.
“I thought about what I was saying and tried to break free, so that I could leave quickly.