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High school students stared blankly at the head doctor.
This is me to the fact that you don’t have to tell anyone about what is happening here, ”explained Vera Andreyevna,“ Neither friends nor parents.
Agreed? The girls nodded together.

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A handkerchief, which turned out to be close by chance, flew to the floor with a crumpled wad, – Dimka, beaming eyes, looked at Rasik, still lying in front of him on his back, at Rasikov pips.
“now Rasik is me – like I am” – Dimka thought, feeling a joyful anticipation.
Elah-paly, how great it all was! – Rasik.

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“Noticing anything?” Not.
Look, on the images found on the excavation of the 16-centimeter phallus, depicted without wings, and on the amphora, it has wings.
I just now paid attention to this, they are not immediately apparent.

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Then he ordered me to undress myself, I did it in silence.
Finally he sat back spreading his legs and I knelt on his groin.
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