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Since the application for lowering under the guise of a little girl or a worried mom, I leave on the wall or in the topic of the group, then, naturally, during the day, I receive a lot of negative messages from different people.
Of course, most of the threats and promises of violence come from males and in a strong minority are beautiful female faces, which gives, of course, not much freedom in choosing the one to whose feet I will fall in pleading not to cut off my most precious, but there is and the other side, which says that in one visit you can get several pretty girls.
And so, everything was ready to start the Russian Railways with the Hunters, when I once again checked all the pages for plausibility as I would have been on the other side.

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After the next game, without breaking the pattern of the first round, I lost.
– Michael, show us your underwear! – Lena said, stretching the words, while leaning

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forward, and leaning on his hands.
Hoping to hide the uprising of my “younger friend,” I tried to pull off the shorts under the table, but immediately faced with the girl’s outrage, I was forced to get up from the table, and presenting the striptease process to everyone, pulled off my shorts.

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The guy had been holding himself for a very long time, therefore, being deep in my throat, he immediately began to move his hips, hammering his dick all the way.
Tears spilled from my eyes, but your hand continued to hold the back of my head, not allowing me to step back.
Fortunately, for a long time my ebar was not enough, after five deep shocks, he added his hands to yours on my nape, and, fixing his hose in the depths, began to drain into my mouth.

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“Good,” Belit sat up in bed, let out a long, blissful moan and ran her hand between her legs.
Then, she brought her fingers closer to her face and thoughtfully began to examine the dull-white, sticky, viscous mucus that covered them.
From the male seed there was a sharp, unusual smell, but quite pleasant, some kind of disturbing.

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After an hour I got up, it was necessary to wash under, as the mixture of my semen and my gel dried up dried up with a thin crust on my thighs and bottom.
Once I sat in the bathroom to shower, I began to soap my own. I don’t know how to call her after all, and felt a new surge of excitement, I began to rub my clitoris, freely launched four fingers into my vagina and imagined that Alimjon’s member was in me and right there experienced an orgasm, stretched out in the bathroom.
After washing, I went to the kitchen to drink coffee, after a couple of minutes Lena came into the kitchen, she smiled broadly and said the morning greeting: “Good morning, dairy sister, we are almost twins, we have the same size holes.”

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And if Olya loses, you and I will shoot them at the same time! It seemed that it is quite logical.
Olya picked up the idea, and Anya almost immediately agreed.
Apparently Ole today is not “perlo” at all or this time she even wanted to lose, but, in general, she lost again.