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But never once did she open her mouth and scream.
I have only once encountered such stamina.
During one hot party in our club, the girl also withstood fifty blows, not with a belt, but with a whip, worse, though, then, by prior arrangement, she still had to punish her with her own long and thin black strap, and from him she howled , like a wounded animal, after the first blows.

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Then something happened that did not expect at all. Andrew took me in his arms and took a shower, where the guys washed me all as a child.
Then he also took me to the bed in his arms — a kind of sex-contour.
So lay thirty minutes, and the guys were noisy at the table, vividly discussing me.

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She extends her hand for me to shake.
The warmth of the maiden palm pierces me, and I feel how my condition is changing.
Snowflakes are warm? I look into her eyes and notice that her enthusiastic eyes have already become completely different.

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He was uncomfortable doing it, but had to adapt to this.
The mistress ordered the slaves to ensure that no urine was shed near the cage, if she was anyway, then Nicholas was forced to lick her tongue.
He was in a large cage where he could sleep more or less normally.

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He did not touch her, allowing her to do everything herself, only once again squeezed her nipples with force, until the woman groaned, while receiving a sharp response in her pussy.
What is the power, how crazy she rubbed herself, not ceasing for a second, until she was on the verge of an orgasm.
“Just imagine what all those people thought of you today.”

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Having handed over the camera to Sergey, I ran into the kitchen to make another mineral cocktail and at the same time fasten my pants, because I didn’t want to show the excitement that gripped me.
Sergey returned with a glass in his hand – here is a mineral water for a lady – he smiled slyly.
And I seem to have missed a lot – he smiled again, Andrew led my wife in the dance already holding her ass with both hands.