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The moment is chosen successfully, and the captive is beating all over.
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And my calculation was justified.
Already in the first two days I had pretty much shaken out the writer’s scrotum, and he was lying exhausted on the beach, looking around to be visually inspired.
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Goat! – Fuck you whore! – Hey! Hello! How are you talking! – Eugene cast his voice.
– And you asshole, in general who is? – asked Hippolyte.
– I’m her future! – Zhenya got up.

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let him do it! The cormorant entered the booth – became backwards to the aisle, in which the Cormorant, Hose and Hare stood; there was a murmur of a jet spouting elastically into the bottom of the toilet.
– You fucking served ?! – Arkhip exhaled energetically, taking a step towards Hose, and the Hare, looking at Arkhip, involuntarily held his breath – he shrank inwardly, because it seemed to him that Arhip was now hitting Hose.
going into the army, Dima Zayats, without confessing to anyone, most of all was afraid that there, in the army, he would be beaten.

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After a while, his eggs tightened, and Gudrun was hit in the face by a tight stream of sperm, a thick, closed-up eyes, nose and lips.
She waited until the torrent, even after the second time, the stream dried out, and then squeezed all the remnants.
She got up and wiped her face with a linen cloth.

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She screamed.
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Irene felt her body desperately straining, trying to push the excess, but Dina held her hand, enjoying the way the body coiled.