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I definitely liked Nata.
I smiled, made a solemn look, and pathetically extended a hand for a handshake, as a very important chairman of the party meeting.
Nata laughed, and gave me in response a hand with the same pretentious look.

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The second portion went into her mouth, this time a yellow clot.
I started to chew and stumbled upon something round.
Pulling it out of my mouth, I saw undigested yellow pea from lettuce plastered with brown feces.

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Yes, and even vaguely heard that Loli hostess of some very mysterious private bar-club.
The evening was rather pleasant – interesting pictures, communication with interesting people, new acquaintances, among which acquaintance with Loli was undoubtedly one of the most memorable – such a woman made an impression not only on men.

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It is possible to find both of them only in the lap of nature, and indoors on the floor, if there is no good square bed, which is now in vogue, but not suitable for small apartments.
“I love the bed, the incessant creak,” Valery Bryusov admitted in one of his poems.
Especially if you know for sure that behind the wall someone is and can cling to her ear to empathize, both mentally and physically, catching up with masturbation. Incest sex cam.

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Whose voice is it? Who cares.
She is still too sweet and too sleepy to answer.
– I want to say, we always admired you in our own way, – here the intonations startled a little, as if the speaker himself was not completely sure of his words, – but no one could imagine what you could be.