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Entering the full depth, I stopped, giving all her ass muscles the opportunity to get used to my invasion and adapt to the size of my club.
It was damn sweet to feel your dick in the ass of a beautiful girl in stockings! Fully enjoying these sensations, I began to rhythmically pump up the girl, who, for the first time, probably had this way.
Having lowered into it, I, pacified and happy, sank into a chair with the thought that there was still a long working day ahead of me, and I would manage to find time to continue developing this narrow tunnel of it.

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Quickly having thrown off the top shirt, the girl, in order to deceive the mother, dispersed the bed, and sweetly, as if from a dream, smacking, allowed her to enter.
All the time while the old maid was helping her young mistress to wash in the room, there was an unusual silence.
Something happened? – frightened asked, finally, the girl, – How is the health of the priest? Is everything OK with my mother? With them, everything is in order, thank you, Lord, – the mother mumbled displeasure, – But you, my pigeon, let me tell you: what happened? And what, – the girl abruptly roused herself, – I slept quite calmly, heard nothing.

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From the dining room there was a door to the adjacent room, the door was open and I saw the edge of the bed and a large wall carpet.
In that room, which was obviously her bedroom, the hostess Alain did not invite, and the girl did not accidentally look in.
Ulyana Yegorovna’s apartment looked like Alena’s own home, although her family lived in a wooden cottage and the rooms in it were different, and in summer the main room became a veranda with sweet peas, and of course other prints adorned the walls, and in the hall there was a very long “wall”, and the dishes in the cabinets were not so original and bizarre, there was no Czech glass, and nobody needed a bobble, but crystal bought for years, rarely used crystal, loved ceramic dishes, and there was a lot of it in the cupboard great kitchen, and yet zache m all my life all bribed and bribed crystal.

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Once having done something stupid, I gave birth to Irochka and promised myself that I would never even look in their direction.
Except once, after which, when my daughter was born, I have never had any men.
– How are you, live without love? – Struck by her words, he asked.

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As we both noticed, he had a huge penis protruding from the thickets of hair in the crotch.
It was no less than 20 cm long and was terribly thick, like a beer can.
On top of that, he had huge eggs, and if he didn’t have such a huge tool, as Sonya said, he would look repulsive.