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Alain of course was stunned by such impudence, but decided to play to the end.
Of course, only no one should see these pictures, – said the girl.
Do not worry bitch, this is only our game, – the man answered.

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Then she moved it between her legs, and moving her hips, she started rubbing against a giant metal dildo.
Then she spread her thighs even wider by inserting the narrow end of the bit between the labia.
Under the approving boyish moans, Mom put the handle of the bit into her cunt – not deeply, but she entered it anyway.

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Alina always looked quite modest compared to other girls at the common “get-togethers”.
She did not wear mini-skirts, shorts, any tight pants or jeans, did not cover herself with kilograms of cosmetics.
However, most of Denis’s male acquaintances almost openly stared at Alina, which caused jealousy in her friends.

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At first, the first one twitched, as in an orgasm, and then the second one entered, slightly thicker.
And he fucked her a little rougher and sharper, not particularly worrying about the safety of the hole used.
However, everything was okay, there was still no pain, the man wheezed, stopped, and Katerina realized that another portion of sperm was in it.

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Warm summer night came down as always quickly.
In less than ten minutes it was already completely dark, and the full moon followed.
The ghostly silver light shone above the holiday glade, much brighter than usual, the moon should have shone, and it seemed to flow down the branches of the trees, gathering in silvery drops at the ends of the branches.

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I sat up, took his dick in the palm

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of my hand and put it in my anus, sitting my ass with my back to the neighing Mikhalych.
He hugged me with his hands in front, squeezing boobs, that I had to lie back on his stomach, put his hands on the deck and spread his legs wide, thereby even more deeply crouching on his penis.
The anus, developed by a member of her husband, took a new toy with a smack, and Mikhalych began to finish off me from below.