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If earlier we used the standard missionary position and always only at night with complete darkness, now! We fucked wherever possible, and not possible! Animal instincts are awake! First of all, we tried our entire apartment, window sills, a bathroom, on the balcony, in all the rooms I was fighting Marinka! And she happily screamed.
Then our occupation continued! We tried in the stairwell, on the staircase, even at the neighbor, who sometimes left, leaving us the keys for watering flowers! Variations were endless! Marinka stopped cooking at home, we just didn’t have time for that! We started eating in restaurants and cafes! By the way, public catering toilets were also watered abundantly with my sperm and its secretions.
I entered Marina’s office, forgot to say she works as a designer in one advertising firm.

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At some point, she gracefully stretched, as if about to go to sleep, and stretched her leg to my groin, under the robe.
She, playfully looking at me, played with her leg with my immediately revived member.
I looked at her with lust, and she purred like a cat: “Well, and who of you can give me?”

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The murmur of the boy in the pot left no doubt what he was doing.
Spreading the baby’s bare legs, Valya stared at him in the pot.
How do we write, – she smiled, – And in a big way, why haven’t you gone yet? All red with shame, the boy looked down in embarrassment.

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Now it makes no sense to you as a girl to be shy now we will pervert with you to the end.
At the same time, both of us, you should be gracious because you are a woman, for us, for two – one.
Dick his wife in my mouth took embarrassed at first modestly, but then more and more carried away.