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I started to cum, the sperm did not ooze out of my penis, she just flew out of me onto Misha’s chest.
When I stopped cum, Misha took me by the waist and, putting my head down on the floor from top to bottom, began to sink into my ass.
At first, my legs dangled in different directions, then Misha gathered them together and squeezed tightly at the knees from which the passage into the ass became narrower, apparently so it did not last long.

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Having seen enough, I tried to stretch both halves

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of her priests even more.
At the same time, I never stopped listening to Olesin’s breathing and its possible involuntary reaction to my insolent penetration.
She continued to breathe evenly and deeply, a little louder than before.

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Kolka also took part in this, stupidly meltesh and helping in turn one or the other side.
Gradually, they shifted to the shore, where they could already reach with their feet to the bottom.
Thanks to this, Lenkin’s attempts became more and more successful.

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“Angel, show this bitch how this tool works,” Olga asked, pushing Nastya’s buttocks to the side and opening the entrance to the vagina.
– Nastena, spread the legs wider – asked Olga.
– I want like this.

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Imagine, two years after school did not see each other, but today I met quite by chance.
Valya, – the pretty young woman sitting on the bench introduced herself, – So you studied at the same school? In 153, she said Ksyusha.
Why does Marina sit so unhappy? – with a smile asked Vika.