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Thick, hard as steel, tense, covered with thick yellowish mucus.
Violet veins protruded along its entire length and ended near a huge dark head.
Under his penis was a huge scrotum, which sagged from gravity and was covered with stiff hair.

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On that day, we had a long discussion about the relationship between a man and a woman: – I was theoretically, and Natasha – taking into account my practical experience, and later went to their rooms.
I lay in the dark with my eyes open, intimate pictures passed before me.
Mentally, I put myself in the shoes of these women.

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The finger parted the labia, continued the journey through the hollow between them and stumbled on the cherished hole inside.
Galya let out a groan and settled on the grass, dragging me along.
Then I hurriedly pulled off her panties, confused in a hurry.

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Strained nipples were caught.
Sweet tension reappeared in the lower abdomen.
Catherine thought that her genitals swell, increasing in size and attracting the attention of men.

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Pulled off with a few white ties of her arm in this pose, I examined the result.
From her arms straightened behind her elbows, her back arched and her chest pulled away from the folds of a white blouse.
Blouse was long, and ended barely covering her shaved lips, the gap between them looked out at the slightest stir.