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Natalya sat at the head of the bed facing Anna, they continued to kiss, the girls, who again began to hold Katya’s arms, took up Anna’s breasts.
Marina, nudged by the rest of the girls, some of whom also caressed each other, struck the first hesitant blow and hit the center of the foot.
Katya uttered a cry, muffled by Anna’s crotch.

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She pushed them behind her back, wanting to hide from the horror that appeared before her eyes.
King Dacon rose from the throne and assumed a human form, creating the illusion of clothing.
He approached them, satisfied looking at their new females.

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Then he made his way slowly, feeling my entire thigh, but in the end he still rested in the crotch.
Feeling the most desirable at hand, he froze, and then with barely noticeable touches he felt every millimeter of my pubis and sponges.

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Suddenly, I landed in the hospital with an attack of appendicitis.
Forced abstinence went to my advantage.
Although in the first days I experienced a strong sexual desire, and at night I dreamed of erotic dreams in which men fucked me in all holes, gradually I came to my senses.

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Everything healed in about a week and a half.
I felt amazingly beautiful, and the desire to show my neutered crotch to pretty girls was constantly bursting at me from the inside.
One evening I decided.

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But I have never been so happy and I have never felt so good, even with your father, when we still loved each other.
I said, mom, well, still good, I love you too, I feel good too.
People, well, you understand that I start to like it more and more, and that some time will pass and I don’t want to give you to anyone, I will want you more and more, or rather your smart tongue.

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At the same time all the way sorry for the unfortunate women who walk on these damned heels all his life.
– Well, – Galya summed up – Now we will make up for you in such a way that you want it! – Herself? Then I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a large side mirror.
I saw it.

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Just friend! – Hmm, and he seems to be nothing like that! “Did you fall from the tenth floor today?” – Larisa was indignant.
– Oh, well, as you know! You would not hurt to meet good boys! – Okay, but not with him! – Okay, then let’s count something on you and let’s go! Take off everything! Obediently, Larisa began to take off her clothes, and stood in front of a mirror in her underwear, admiring her body.
Mary came up behind her.