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There were quite a lot of people, I looked quite feminine and sometimes even caught on myself undressing men’s glances.
I showed off like this for about 20 minutes and decided it was enough for the first time.
Getting into the car, I felt relieved.

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It seemed to me that my grandfather decided to stock up on hay for the whole village, and when I wanted to speak out loud about it, he, rubbing his rough palms, finally delighted me: – That’s it, granddaughters! This is the last batch! Now we have enough! Nice work !.
And you really became big! And you, thank God, have power !.

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As a reward for my hard work my grandfather allowed me to surrender to village idleness.

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And here we finally arrived at the scene.
We sit in the park on a bench under the canopy of eucalyptus trees, with rags of twisted bark hanging from their trunks.
Nearby, the sea roars incessantly and fascinatingly.