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Lizu, this is also a tasty process, but I try not to do this.
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I did not have time to finish speaking when I received a not strong but sensitive slap in the face, he painfully grabbed my hair and said loudly – Shut up, bitch, you will do what I say, and you will be a good girl, you will receive grandmas! He roughly lifted me from the chair and turned my back to him.
I tried to resist, but it was useless.
Then, without letting go of my hair, I was dragged onto the bed, I was put on cancer, I pressed my head to the bed.

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Your too crap one’s pants? – asked mom Olga Aleshina, watching as Larisa washes away her nine-year-old son.
Is it not visible! – Masha smiled.
Look, Masha, new viewers, – Larissa suddenly laughed, nodding at a group of moms heading for the changing tables.

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Kohl, too, was offended by the nurses for the fact that they want to force him to wear children’s tights.
However, the tights were still better than the sliders.
Lift the handles, – Masha asked and quickly pulled a shirt on Kohl through her head.

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Usually, this is the most difficult part in my studies.
Much can go wrong, and then everything looks ugly.
It was nice to know that he would no longer be able to get away from me.

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Watching the mysterious tremors of the father with his hands on the backs and necks of his patients and other manipulations with a mesmerized look, little George was always afraid, and suddenly his uncles and aunts would die? They always moaned and groaned so that it was a complete feeling, now they will emit the spirit.
Especially why that little George was amused by his aunts.
They were not shy about the boy, they turned to him with smiles “doctor’s” and almost always allowed to observe the work of his father.

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Whether the case before – sighed the guardians of morality.
Someone who was especially revered in the locality or community of godfathers checked the girl-bride for the integrity of the bride, usually the young couple had a choice of several such characters, and it was customary not to show too much either the choice itself or the procedure itself – everything took 25 —30 minutes between other ceremonies.
It was in the interests of the groom to substitute the vagina of his spouse under a strong penis of an experienced man, who was tempted in this family affair, for a number of reasons.

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There was a huge amount of people who wanted to have fun with a married couple, but we wanted to find an adult partner with such experience and good dignity, and this was found – Vlad, he was about 30 strong tall handsome guy.
Vlad himself found us and proposed a meeting, but not only with him alone, but also with his friend of his own age.
We agreed and invited them to us for the next Saturday evening.

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I left the salon in a great mood! I could not finish and suspected that I could never, I could not squeeze a drop, but it was not important.
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