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“So,” Karen continued, “Masha loves me, you love Masha, which we have just seen once again (for this, in fact, we conducted this exam), and Masha allows you to love yourself.
At the same time, according to Masha, you have no lover, at least you are not satisfied with her in sex, but as it turned out, you have your own ideas about sexual pleasures – you just need to lick the pussy machine after fucking her with others, or jerk off on her the panties smeared with sperm of the lover, – Karen at these words chuckled.
It struck me with what cynical calm this man utters such humiliating things for me.

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I remembered this day for a long time and the next day I was a little ashamed to look the guard in the eyes, but we smiled at each other and now I knew for sure that I could jump into the back room at any moment, call him and how I should fuck or suck him hard and exciting member!
Once, when at work it was all very bad, and everyone was running like mad trying to prepare for the arrival of the big bosses, my nerves died.
Anyway, to do something to fix what has already been done will not work, and I allowed myself to relax.

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Andrei’s index finger pushes the swimsuit barely off, slightly opening the edge of the bosom, slowly crawls under the fabric, and judging by Lenka’s look, THERE plunges.
They are sure that I admire the sea, and I’m from a peeking as if the current runs down my back.
Does my brother even understand that I’m peeping? We are separated by several meters, and I suddenly feel ashamed.

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“Mmmmmmm, I don’t mind, but I hope you didn’t build any conspiracies against me there?” And it will turn out like last night.
– No, no plans, everything is peaceful and decorous, and no more secret ploys.
Come on, I see that you still have not slept, go to sleep, and I will drive home and see what is there and how, I will be soon.

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I wanted to shout at the whole world about my feelings.
Stretching out my arms, I grabbed her breasts and began to twist her nipples.
It has always acted on Olga.

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And there was nothing normal with him, no caress, no warmth, no strength.
That drunk, the stench per meter, then angry, like a Caucasian shepherd.
Slaps into bed, twitches like a clown with a red nose for about three minutes, slapped all and fall asleep.