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Begin to kiss.
I run my hand under her blouse, feel her chest.
Damn, but great feeling! Suddenly I meet with the other hand – this is my husband, he correctly took our kiss and also started pawing Lenka.

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So, I once again went for some business on my car being in thought, when suddenly it dawned on me.
I remember that two months ago I had a girlfriend with whom we broke up because she stopped arranging me.
And I know that she loves me a lot and can agree to my strange fantasies.

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On Sunday, mother, the principal, and the police came to school.
Hearing their footsteps, I began to scream wildly and beat at the locked door.
To all their questions about who did this, I answered that I did not know.

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Maybe I want to see you from behind.
Even now it’s hard for me to say unequivocally why she needed all this, but I understood that she needed it one hundred percent.
Veronica got off the window sill, turned her back on me, slowly unbuttoned her pants and, slightly lowering her jeans, bared her ass.