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“You walked slowly and not looking around, knowing the road well.
By reprimand it is obvious that you are a Muscovite, and in appearance that you are a sweet boy.
So you are a Muscovite living with loving parents at home.

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Get up with me! At that moment I did not know what he was going to do.
This thought did not even occur to me.
– I am not kidding! It’s not funny!! Get out !!! – Do not scream! Wake up your neighbors! He uttered it so harshly and rudely, with a grin that I immediately subsided.

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When we got together, as we now indulged in dreams, about how cool it would be to have girls, we thought about hypnosis, about sleeping pills, to put the beauty to sleep and to take away the soul.
-I would have Natasha from 11B, first a section, I would heal the whole, and then I would fuck her all night – the Marquis dreamed.
“I wouldn’t refuse Marinka from our class,” Dilda supported him.