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Annette lifted a shower and on Kidson’s flushed face, cool streams of water flowed down his neck, covered with eyelids and greedily half-open mouth, down his neck.
The torture with water and mutual intimacy was unbearably pleasant, which was why their bodies trembled and rushed towards each other.
Tight jets noisily beat into the elastic skin and crushed into hundreds of splashes.

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Max apologized and went to the bathroom, saying that from her he was going to the bedroom, where he would be waiting for me.
After a quarter of an hour, having a shower, I followed him.
What I saw was truly awesome! Max met me in a short chocolate-colored silk nightgown for women, which barely covered his lower belly.

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Is going? Well, then let’s drink and go.
After drinking and drinking, Andrew got up and went with the words: Well, I’ve all bowed out.
Good night to you! Good morning! – Sergey added, and he felt somehow uncomfortable that Andrei went to his wife, who was innocently sleeping in their room.

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Now, when at the same time two moon maidens caressed him from the sides with his hands and tongues, and the penis straddled the third, Tauno simply exploded from the inside, feeling nothing around, except how the moon maidens in six hands, three tongues, and one vagina soothe him.
The girl who saddled him accelerated the pace with every second, sitting down deeper, and her vagina tightly covered Tauno’s dick, touching invisible strings, bringing him closer to orgasm every second.
And so, Tauno with a scream began to cum right into her.

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With a sour face on the face And a compress on the egg Next to her was a dishwasher, With him bro – the cutter’s trousers, And of course grandfather Babar – Fucking grouse in the ass! And the merchants told her, How they bargained, Chocolates were treated And they did not forget about the miracle: -The islands in the sea were empty, And now there is a big hail, With golden domes And with carved towers, There is a badger in this city – With his dick he’s bitches, With Oak acorns he eats, Loud screams Songs, And then he drische with gold, Only the wind in the ass whistles! The badger is guarded there And they collect all the gold, We saw it all there, Mouths stood open, And the princess ruled over there – What is beautiful, what is clever, She sends you her bow, She invites herself to visit!

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And the queen said: Yes, you surprised me, I had to get there And see the princess.
But here suddenly Ponte struck, Brother, that all tails are cut: -Your badger is all bullshit! I heard about something else: I heard a rumor with me, There is a coast somewhere in the sea, It seems to be empty, Only the coast is not simple! The sea will swell violently, The waves will rise vigorously White foam whirl And rush to the shore, Breaking the merry run, Cover the wave breg.
There they will spill over And on the coast remain Scales as heat of grief Thirty-three mermaids in a row – All young girls, Breasts – cast apples, Bela knobs, thin camp, And in the eyes of intoxicating dope, In general, everything is as per selection, And with them is old pimp, Their papic – Chernomor!

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Everything Gvidonka heard And angrily buzzed, And spun over the uncle, And dug into the egg with a swing, With all the foolishness she bit, Yes, she swooped into the window! The uncle suddenly squealed And waved his hands – His face was twisted, His left egg Became just like a head, He could not even crawl into the jug! And Gvidonka was already an arrow. Returned home. Only the shore touched. Once again the girl turned around.

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Another couple fell in, also considered it her duty to persuade Natca to reconcile.
Pancake!!! In short, this evening everyone considered it his duty to approach Natka, and express his sympathy with the unchanged “Well, make peace.”
In the end, they piled everything out of the room, disillusioned with the opportunity to sleep, and began to walk about the country house.