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I think we will do everything without incident? – Katya smiled, taking out a wand for smear from a glass jar, – Really, Kolya? If you want to crap, better tell me now, so that it does not work out, as with Alyosha.
“I don’t want,” answered Kolya, offended. “Look at me,” Katya joked and shook Kohl with a finger, “We are being punished for deceivers.”
Katya quickly pulled Kolya up her legs and unceremoniously stuck a wand into his ass.

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But these hopes did not come true.
The film ended, we went out into the street, I lit a cigarette and asked, looking into Anya’s eyes: – Why are you so with me? “Why did you hit my mom in the morning, Uncle Serezha? I forgot to say that Anya was my niece, daughter of Vera’s older sister, and I really didn’t agree with Anechkin’s mom on some issues in the morning.
Word for word, as a result of a conversation on high voices, which, apparently, was heard by my 17-year-old niece, who came to St. Petersburg on New Year’s Eve with my sister.

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The little-known so far poet Vera Pavlova explains this by the fact that: Muse is a woman, Music is a woman, Poetry is a woman, Life is a woman.
Well, how can you not become a Lesbian? Both pull on one and so fuck each other, bringing to orgasm.
And, you know, they are good at it, judging by the reaction that once happened to be observed.

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Recalling yesterday’s conversation, and the hint that I received at the beginning of our acquaintance for asking for tips, I reminded him of the services he provides to some guests.
The young man understood me from half a word.
Vowing to come to our room in half an hour.

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Tauno recovered much faster, even though he was thrown into heat from one glance at the guest from the silver moon.
And what about the drink of immortality? – The young man asked before Zaldron managed to utter a word.
From the look of the emerald eyes of Luihad, nothing could be understood.