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In confirming your words, at night you will give birth to our child who will die from premature birth, but we cannot help this with anything.
Have to make this sacrifice.
But the king will see the little devil and will know the whole horror of what happened to his wife.

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Looks like she liked it and she finished the second time while my dick was inside.
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Remembering Colin’s stubbornness and unsuccessful attempts to get him to go to the pot, Masha planted one of the trainees in front of the boy – Lena.
The girl had to persuade Kohl and report to nannies about everything that happens in his pot.

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If you don’t get it, you’ll rake out the rest of your life until the end of your life. Consider that you’ve been born happy, and if you do, you’re a clumsy and expensive way, I have a lot of them.
Dyunyasha understood very well that she most likely would not survive such a punishment, as it did before her with dozens of similarly “awkward” courtyard serfs.
Thank your mistress and go, you wretched girl, I don’t need you anymore.

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Erotic tale – The Right of the First Night There is a theory of parallel realities, almost, but not identical to ours.
What if in one of them the history of relations between the sexes evolved somewhat differently from what was known to us? Wedding – a very troublesome thing, takes place in one day, and you need to prepare for a couple of months.

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Surprise! – Surprise – Andrew smirked, he didn’t really like tattoos, but this tattoo was small and in general it gave birth to some new feelings.
– Let’s go to! – the wife dragged her husband into the bedroom.
There, already dressed, Natasha stood in front of the mirror and put make-up on her face.