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I take a quick glance at the towel – the woman barely beats and produces very little sound, which means that she doesn’t get hurt by my touch.
With two fingers, I take the pink fold to the side and see other folds and tissue under it.
Slowly unfold the left crease to see everything: yes, there is a darkness of some petals, nothing is clear.

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“Do not worry, for a few minutes I will disappear, drop the landing on the destroyer and immediately return,” I squeezed the girl.
– Mark, and if you die? What will happen to our child? – Tanya asked angrily.
“I won’t die at all, either.”

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Turning her back on her back, and covered her lips with his lips.
In this kiss there was no tenderness and affection, only burning passion with hints of anger.
His lips went to the earlobe, and he began to pull at her with his teeth.

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Shock, feeling of cold inside and at the same time feeling the heat on the surface of the body, excitement from feeling on my body of other men’s hands and simultaneously feeling shame.
Having come to myself a bit, I looked around.
I sat on a towel that lay in the sand, and another towel was thrown over my shoulders.