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It gives me these sweet descriptions, as if someone does not know who such people are.
– Please choose your appearance.
– System, do not describe anything that does not have negative characteristics.

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She, continuing to play with them, decided to say words of gratitude: “Boys, I am very pleased with your company.
Lena talked a lot about you and about the time spent with you.
Of course, I suspected that something amazing was waiting for me, but the reality surpassed all expectations.

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From surprise, my eyes on my forehead climbed: – How, not pregnant? – Yes, that’s it.
I thought of everything for Karen, hoping that he would want to marry me.
And he dragged me to you.

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Is this embarrassment? ”“ Yes, Madam, ”she answers automatically.
– Ko-ko-ko! – enthusiastically picks up Miriam.
– Ko-ko-ko – sadly repeats Sandra, turning to us to sing and resting his hands on the battery.