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The Balts have a law like this: die yourself, and help a friend.
And one day, Nikita, being a guest of our little sensitive friend, told her about Pupkin’s torment.
Bring it, a friend told him, it’s interesting how! And Nikita, a couple of weeks, being together with Pupkin in dismissal, dragged him for a company to visit.

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I think that he came here by chance, just being impressed by his father’s memories.
They say they have their own beautiful resorts.
But Jews actually enter my Russian clientele, because there are quite a lot among writers, artists, musicians.

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Even the closeness of this unfortunate day does not make her happy, despite all the tenderness and ardor of her husband.
Memories of a respectable suburb, a rich house and a self-confident man will not soon leave her.
Denis himself didn’t know yet why the auto mechanic found by telephone number on the Internet arrived at such an hour.

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It was not difficult to guess from the characteristic moans of what they were doing there.
My friend, Tolik, only came from the army then, and everything that happened was wildly aroused.
An hour later, he complained to me that he had wild eggs, and that if he didn’t fuck anyone now, then the end.

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Having fastened the old woman by the legs and by the arms to the chair, the sadist tied the thin straps to the rings on the large lips of his mother and, stretching them to the sides, tied them to the chair.
Taking a large vibrator from the table, he returned to an old woman who was moaning and writhing in lust.
Turning on the vibrator, the man inserted it between his mother’s spread legs and began, mercilessly crushing wrinkled flesh, to move it.