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Taking advantage of the favorable situation – the proclamation of democracy in its ideal form, we came out of the underground, but life clearly shows that this is clearly not enough.
For the common good, we need to be reinstated in all civil rights.
I just want to exclaim with the words of S.

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He himself plays at low stakes and almost never loses.
I almost always blow through.
– Are you bored, honey? – Pasha sat down to me when I sipped whiskey and coke on the deck in splendid isolation.

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Then we, exhausted, lay in a bathroom filled to the brim with hot water, kissing and stroking each other.
Jesse whispered something in Donna’s ear, and then turned to me.
– We think that in our pretty little trio there is a serious potential.

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Resentment for rape and even more gone and forgotten.
Over time, we bought a small winter dacha near the town and moved to live there.
A cold apartment and crowds in the streets remained behind.

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Therefore, I simply shook my head from side to side, fearing with a careless word to offend her.
But she was not offended.
She was a rather adult woman and understood that this was not the case with the bay-flounder.

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Everything is good! – Nadia hung up.
Carefully she approached the man and sat on the edge of the couch.
Nadia looked at the prohibitively large cock with surprise.

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Usually she was simply told: – Let’s go !.
And she walked with her heavy, swinging gait, smiling meaninglessly and turning her eyes from right to left, what the hostess had taught her and what was called “luring the guest”.
Her tau eyes got used to this movement, that she was beginning to “lure away guests” right from the moment when, magnificently dressed, she went out into the hall in the evening, still empty, and so her eyes moved from side to side all the time while she was in the hall : alone, with friends or a guest – all the same.