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When you were grilling Marinka this morning, I thought I would die of envy — I could have been in her

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place if my bed were closer to the door. ”
Stunned by such frankness, Sawa looked at Marina, who immediately drove away from such a turn of events and quietly hid behind his shoulder.
Before his eyes was a girl, much richer than Marina, in an instant she turned out to be childlessly defenseless.

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Andrei seemed to me a very handsome young man, with green eyes and blond hair, of a correct, slim figure.
While we were driving “to our clearing” in an abandoned park outside the city, various thoughts were spinning in my head – the fear of the unknown, at the same time curiosity.
We got to the place.

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Here I think to ask your husband to let you go, say, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to put things in order.
Anticipating her objection: – No one said it would be easy.
First thing, and then any fitness! Yes! How are you, Lenya, let go? Not looking up from the TV, Leonid moaned something.

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Since our cottage at that moment was still unfinished and there was only one room and a kitchen in perfect order, my mother and I had to sleep on the same sofa.
I can not tell you how much excitement covered me from just one thought about it.
The first night, I almost did not fall asleep.

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The king demanded again, but the woman rushed over the pillow, unable to answer him because of the intolerable pain.
Only inarticulate sounds and pleas flew out of her mouth.
“It hurts, it hurts so much,” she whispered in delirium.

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Let’s do the following, ”she said, going to the printer for a printed page,“ Here is their address and telephone number.
This clinic or another, but without a doctor’s certificate from us, do not return to our school.
Olga silently took the sheet from the headmistress.

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Emptiness, silence and color spots on black.
When Theta woke up, only Andrei was in the room.
The light is extinguished, only a dim lamp in the corner.

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In gratitude, he let me face under the approving remarks of friends, I barely managed to close my eyes.
Then Bald, as promised, handed me a bottle of leftover beer.
I drank it in three – four big mouthfuls, imperceptibly rinsed my mouth, throat.