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He has not yet decided how and with whom he will conduct it – well, it is quite normal for a young man who is not burdened with family and children.
Not daring to throw off the blanket and enter the new day, Vadim listened to the call of his flesh and found that his member was pulsing hard, as if teasing him and telling him – well, where would you send me tonight? Vadim freed him from his underpants and allowed the head to burst out.
Vadim lay down on his stomach and gradually began to move the body along the sheet, allowing the head to feel the soft satin cover.

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Freed from the last detail of the toilet, she turned and walked slowly toward the water.
Sometimes she looked around, it was not sisterly desires that flashed in her eyes, but I tried to sit with an imperturbable face, although it was not at all easy: her movements with her hips fascinated, and what sometimes flashed between them could bring the dead back to life.
“Look, don’t dive in your shoes, stupid,” I said for some reason in a hoarse voice, holding my reared flesh in my hands: she was already cramped in shorts.

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Apparently she was shy of her already slightly swollen figure, but, nevertheless, she wanted to tan as best as possible, substituting the sun for as much of her bare skin as possible.
So I chose such a lonely place for

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Her bust was not large, but not small.