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Looking around contentedly at her sweaty maiden back, he lazily squeezed her shaking breasts and pinched her sensitive clit.
Holding her close, he shook.
– You have become a real woman.

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The guy turned his face towards her, his eyes rested on his black hair, falling back onto his back.
A smile touched his face.
The girl turned to him with her eyes lowered, lifted, hesitated at the sight of her lips, a strip stretched to her ears, but instantly she was found, pushed into the shoulder.

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Here, she thought, he was trying to stifle her moans, which she herself considered wrong.
It is not right to moan from this bastard who took advantage of his position.
The girl did not want to make it clear to him that having sex with him causes these moans.

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Her pretty back was painted with swollen stripes left by my belt, which crossed it in different directions, and the subject of my enthusiasm – elastic and elegant ass – was completely covered with bloody divorces.
Only her slender legs, with the exception of the thighs, were still intact.
I left them for dessert.

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And so she called and said that she was coming out.
Waiting minutes lasted so long that it seemed that at least two hours had passed before she left the cafe, accompanied by several couples.
At first, I didn’t even understand which of the people she had left was, since it was impossible to determine which of them would now go to meet me.

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Tatyana Viktorovna reacted to this action from Kolya with a prolonged and contented groan.
She closed her eyes, smacking her lips shamelessly, and continued to suck.
See how she likes it.

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“I always want the baby to let me stream again,” Masha explained, continuing to tickle my testicles, “To make sure that I signed to the end.
If something is left in the bladder, tickling will surely force the baby to start the fountain.
I call it a control stream.

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I went over all the options in my head: 1 – he has some kind of STD, but in that case, the condom would partially solve the case, which means that Vlad was not afraid of it; 2 – Vlad was frightened by a condom, but I was wound up enough not to use it; 3 – Vlad is homosexual, but this is nonsense; And remembering the phrase about pain, I decided that Vlad was keen on BDSM, but I was ashamed of it.
This fact did not please me very much; nevertheless, I could not imagine myself in the role of obeying.
But on the other hand, getting up on such a slippery path, you need to go all the way.