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There was still God in the books.
But that God in her thoughts was so closely connected with ignorance and the Inquisition, that he didn’t want to remember him again.
Then there was another God, beautiful, like a warrior from a legend, like a wedding dress, like the first ball – God from a fairy tale, beautiful girls in love remembered him.

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If I’m right, you let me fuck with any of your boyfriends that I like, and if you’ll, then I’ll have to give you my boyfriend for one night if you want.
“Considering that we don’t have any guys right now, I definitely agree.”
– That’s agreed.

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Get on the table and lie back! – she ordered Kolya.
Kohl obediently climbed on the changing table.
What are you doing? – the nurse shouted at him, – Didn’t hear what I said? Lie on your back! Like this.