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Panties fit me tightly, and nylon stocking nicely cooled feet.
I was excited by the thought that now someone knows that I walk in nylon, and it will be possible to show my collection of stockings and tights, which I have been collecting and wearing for several years.
I bought the most expensive and cool stockings with panties.

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What example am I giving my son? What was I just thinking about? And what conclusions will he draw? I have always been an exemplary mother.
But the eyelids were heavy, and I fell into a heavy, bad dream.
It was a nightmare, sheer insanity.

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Guessing that with the penetration of the head, it would hurt me, I was ready to suffer, so that I could get a buzz when the walls of my ass would push its hot barrel.
Therefore, I collected saliva and moistened his anus, put another finger to his hole.
Kostik’s anus was tightly compressed, so I lowered myself and began to lick his suture from the scrotum to the anus.

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Now it was necessary only to remove from Nikolay’s shorts with the stopper which is densely sitting in his bottom.
She undid the straps and began to slowly pull the cork.
Surprisingly cork came out very easily.

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Grabbing the firing pin with her thin fingers, she pulled the hammer back, and when he almost slipped, she pushed it inside again, only now it is more energetic.
The wooden head went round.
Buratina spread her legs wide, smartly thrusting a plump handle and saying: – What a good finger, probably even more than Papa Carlo.

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But all this beauty went into the background, when out of the regular coral mountain the outline looked like a small hill, it was a sunken ancient Egyptian ship for many years underwater, it went deep under the ground and overgrown with moss and algae.
John and Sally looked at each other, this was what they were looking for, so they got closer and started exploring the find.
The ship would be huge, and only because it did not completely sink under the ground, and through the holes in the bottom it was possible not only to look, but also to swim inside.