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– And this is not an insult! This is an orientation.
– I thought a little more: – And she is also a hidden alcoholic.
– Kostya, got it! Enough, do not carry nonsense! -Did you really not notice how she got on the last New Year’s corporate party? – Standing on your feet? It was.

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Tanya laughed and made her pants and T-shirt too translucent, the girl quickly adapted to life in the Galaxy.
“Mark, if I wear these jewelry, will you like me more?” – whispered Lizonka.
Earth women with pleasure hung Lizonka two kilograms of gold, platinum and precious stones.

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But what about, captain, we work out the team every day; – Well done! I did not doubt you! – Marina approved.
– And I fulfilled my promise, I fed your Sergey with dessert.
“Yes, tell me,” Natalya said impatiently.

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Well, that you agree to be my slave.
-Yes, Madam, I will be what you want from me.
-See how you spoke, you had to immediately agree, then there was no suffering.

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“Okay,” she gasped, finally she was doomed.
Nastya wiped away tears and again tried to take a calm look.
I did not want to show the stranger my weaknesses.

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But my pussy waited for me, and I headed in her direction.
And finally, in front of my face, a long-awaited goal, a swollen, wet slit that opened slightly from excitement.
But I wanted to take revenge for the fact that Tanya teased me at the very beginning, and did not pounce on her immediately, began to caress her around her lips, licking the juices that had accumulated on her, sometimes, as if accidentally touching the tongue of the clitoris.

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and, shaking from the buzz, in the ass D and I finished Rasim, – the night, having flown, came to an end.
it was morning.
They, Rasik and Dimka, together – as always! – went to the shower.