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Like a fool, I took off my panties from my member and went to the bathroom to wash them.
He turned on the water and began to examine this magical undergarment: the white panties were wet and slippery in the place where they came into contact with the Machine’s pussy.

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Their intercourse was beautiful, passionate and sensual, he taught his stroptivitsa a lot, and was pleased with her success.
And the girl turned out to be quite intelligent and well-read, and after their lovemaking, the sultan often discussed government problems and affairs with her, carefully listening to her advice and thoughts.
A few months passed, and one day, when Alain was lying on the bed, the Sultan came to her, gesturing for everyone to leave.

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I moved forward and immediately fell into the warm captivity of his legs, with which he hugged me, drawing me to his groin.
Now I was closely looking at Sashin’s organ, stroking curly hairs around the base of the penis.
From excitement and ever-increasing excitement, I began to tremble.