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Vika relaxed, softened in his tender embraces and missed the moment of the beginning of pregnancy, not paying attention to the signs and even rejoicing at the sudden absence of those.
If she came to her senses, she would easily get rid of the unwanted conception, but the boy was so happy, she was dreaming about the future happy family life, their child of love, she repeated so much about her gratitude that she fell into some mental eclipse from which she had gotten when everything had already happened besides her will and not in her favor.
They urgently got married.

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Yesterday we fell through them, walking from car to house.
And now we need at least a little to clear the snow, if we are going to do physical exercise.
I go out with a shovel in my hands.

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Your tongue walked several times over it and after a moment, and your lips covered him from all sides and he began to sink into your mouth.
At first slowly, then everything, accelerating, you began to move up and down it.
My heart was ready to jump out of my chest, it seemed that his knock could be heard throughout the office.

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But it seemed that I had a choice that She would not think of, I could not stop it.
If now everything depends on the mood of the Lady, then you have to try to make it good.
Although She can give me Hell and in a good mood, just for fun.

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Vadik said that when I agree, I will write to him, and he will tell where to drive when I want, but not before 10 pm.
After thinking for a couple of days, a new face will still appear, I sat at home sending a message, after waiting an hour I received a message with an address, and after dressing I went to the place.
There was a private sector around, I was driving on a navigator, I didn’t know this place, and when I drove on, I saw 7 two-storey apartment buildings, and drove up to the house, I had an abandoned 5-storey building in front of it, these houses were in front of it, and then vacant lot, to the right is a swamp, to the right is the private sector, I sent again a message that I was in place, he immediately replied that I would close the car and go to the construction site, and said that I would look for the box, say where to look.

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His tanned body was still as gentle and hot, he did not mature at all during his military service — he was still fast and agile, like a meteor.
And only in the face of some metropolitan complacency became noticeable, an expression of pofigizma to everything around.
To everything – but, of course, not to me and not to Yaroslav, with whom they became more familiar than brothers.

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She loves the graveyard theme.
For example, he knows that the lower one has buried a dear person — mom, dad, his girlfriend and makes him sneer at graves or deceased, before exhumation and necrophilia.
Do you think she has no clients? Yes, its revenues are the coolest in the industry! Yes, she – moral bastard freak! This is fanaticism, it’s nauseous! Same.