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Then they thought for a long time what to do with the pants – the child will not walk around the school in the same diaper.
“What would have been fun,” Ira laughed. “My friend’s two-year-old nephew walks like that all the time.
Without pants – in one diaper and short T-shirt.

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There was no reaction.
Then I tried to stir her up, but she suddenly fell from the toilet and stretched out on the floor without waking up.
Realizing, finally, that Aunt Nina is not a hindrance to me, I again went out into the corridor and locked the front door with a key.

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I specifically found my husband and new lover so that he had both time and strength and a desire for sexual experiments.
He is a student, he wants to fuck 24 hours a day, a shiftman – a figure like Van Damme, arrogant as a tank and also not local, lived in a hostel, now lives with us.
well, with me.

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she grabbed me a little higher than her elbow, grabbed me so that the bruises held for weeks, and dragged me out of the office into the corridor, no one had time to open her mouth, even the teacher, (later I found out that she was the dean of the faculty.
I) therefore our present did not say anything for certain! I was terrified, I was worried, I didn’t understand what she wanted from me, she pushed me out of the office so that I flew to the wall, she grabbed me, pressed me to the wall, I stood with my back to her and tried to turn around, but she I was dramatically sucked and grabbed my stomach with one hand and the other with my chest, she kissed me without stopping, after 10 minutes she remembered that she was standing in the corridor and that the front door had not closed before pushing me and all my group and teacher we were seen! she only let me go, but also grabbed my hand, I looked at our door and saw the surprised faces of my classmates, so what are they, I myself was in shock, I was all red from the cold! but the campaign dean was not like that! she looked at them and again dragged me, only to her, to the dean’s office! everyone who was passing by saw how the deansh drags the first-year student to himself, I don’t know what thoughts they had, but I really felt uneasy.
here we are at HER in the dean’s office: a huge luxurious room, I was stupefied! she pushes me again, only now on the sofa! on a huge sofa! and it turned out again that I fell on the sofa, I heard: she closed the door! I think: what will happen next, I certainly understood what will happen next, but I still could not recover.

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