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“Then we will continue” – Marina took the roll of food film and began to wrap Nicholas’s chest and hands first, applying layer by layer to the tension, then began to go down.
When she reached her hips, Marina could not resist and kissed the trimmed member through the fabric, then felt the base of the anal plug on Nikolai’s panties and wiggled a little for him so that the plug inside him also moved.
Nikolai, with pleasure, even bent his knees a little.

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“Dry,” the nurse grinned. “But I still had to go to the pot at night.
Having grumbled a couple of minutes that the nurses in the hospital should be obeyed, Olya fell behind me.
And luckily, she didn’t slip the pot anymore.

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in principle, it was not painful, and Artyom did not respond in response.
Artyom lay with his legs thrown back, bent at the knees, holding his knees at the level of his face, while Marat, on his knees standing in front of Artyom, with a circular movement of his finger greased the entrance from the inside, slowly rubbing vaseline into the inner area of ??the inlet – without saying anything , they looked each other in the eyes, and Artem, sensitively listening to a new feeling, unwittingly thought about what is now.
now instead of a finger.

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I stopped too, but kept the dick in my wife’s ass.
Lena went to us, and in turn she kissed Sasha and Ira.
Coming up to me, she dug into my lower lip and, enjoying a lingering kiss, quietly whispered with delight: – Brother! What do you have for me kobelische? It should be noted that Irka and Lenka were hefty mother stuff, especially when it came to sex, and since it was almost always sex, they used to swear constantly, believing that a beautiful, but swearing girl is hypersexual.