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Well, I did not find such a person whom I could believe, love.
As a rule, after several meetings I cool down, and it becomes difficult to continue the relationship.
In general, impermanence is my character trait.

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Andrew quickly put on his pants, and froze, looking into my corner.
I saw him blush.
I told him not to be afraid of it, I, Zhenya, and gradually began to make my way to him.

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Then we started the usual resort “doing nothing”, which differs from other days, only in the fact that Elena was now with us.
We sunbathed and swam, from time to time, sending Lenka for a beer or mineral water.
Very soon, I noticed that we were becoming local celebrities, since the good half of the hotel was staring at us.

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We must pay tribute to the intelligence of Oleg.
He got me right.
Glittering head, which I licked to commemorate our acquaintance and as the first application, he went to the desk, took out a box of bills from the drawer.