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Our guide returned for us, and we moved into the jungle.
However, it was not far to go.
Under the shade of palm trees and other tropical vegetation there is a small settlement.

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So you took the first step and got your own slave, hence the eternal question of the beginning Mistress – where to start? Only at first glance it seems difficult, in every Woman nature has an invisible, hidden force that makes it easy to control the man, which they subconsciously feel and in everyday life they try to suppress with all their might, to avoid completely showing their stubbornness instead of submitting.
But half the way has already been passed, and you only need to unfold this gift in yourself, to allow it to develop, in the near future you will be surprised to find out how easily and simply what turned out to be difficult at first.
Female domination is primarily a philosophy of deifying and worshiping the male of the Female Essence, nature, the Female body, as opposed to the male principle as such, the philosophy of the unconditional superiority of the Woman over the man. how he – a man is insignificant before you – a woman! Start with the fact that in your presence the slave is obliged! always on his knees if there was no permission to stand up, in the classical, generally accepted version the slave and the Mistress are almost always naked when they are alone, this allows, as already mentioned above, to feel the atmosphere and spirit of what is happening most vividly, meaning the worship and exaltation of the Feminine and the body unlike men.

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I missed the moment when he rushed forward.
She came to herself already lying on the bed, pinned down by his weight, feeling the hot breath on her neck.
This is another – He whispered covering my skin with kisses.

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Not recognizing the Russian language – a great, powerful, by definition, Turgenev, they nevertheless willingly use it for the manufacture of newspapers on which you can profit.
There is a poetic joke about a capacious Russian word “still”, which they now deftly used to earn money on it: From three letters.
what word (By the way, is it all the basics) To women just more, For men everything is worse? Dead or alive xtreme porn.

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Wait tiger, not so fast, but I do not care about her requests – she likes it, I put a hickey (not good – I can give out), but I like, like leaving a memorable hickey, like fucking all night long, like a little change of posture, especially behind and the rider, when you can slightly slap her ass, like her classy figure and breasts, like that she squirms and wears off under you, likes to give her pleasure, likes that she is clean and does not take in the mouth, who is for me condemn.
In the morning she was tired, everyone had a hangover, all of us.
everyone wants to sleep, I don’t want to.

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Kohl thought that Marina and Natasha only do this all day long – they give children enemas.
Just look, Natashka, how reddened! – Marina smiled, having lifted bare feet in front of her boy, – Such you, Dima, shy! Have you ever been given an enema? Of course, at nine years old, I’m already shy, ”Natasha laughed, neatly covering the small hole between the baby’s buttocks with Vaseline.
Sveta and Ksyusha easily raised Kohl to the changing table.