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Wait a minute.
Explain to me what was there.
I reluctantly told in general.

I won’t leave you alone anymore.
I have to thank the guy.
He headed towards my protector.
They talked about something, shook hands.
Already coming to the hotel, he said that he had invited him and his friend in the evening somewhere to sit.
I did not want to go, I was counting on relaxing at home after the beach.
Can you sit without me? I am so tired.
I have a headache.
Len, so not good.
He saved you.
I can not even imagine what could have happened if it were not for him.
I reluctantly agreed.
We met them at the appointed place.
We met them, their names were Victor and Yuri (he stood up for me).

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We went to the cafe, which we constantly went to.
We liked it there – it was prepared not bad and the service was normal.
We sat well.
My mood rose.
I was even glad I agreed to go.
We danced a lot, mostly I danced with Yuri.
Sergey and Victor found common interests.
Yura was constantly telling something – jokes, funny stories.
It was drunk too decently.
It would be time to disperse, but.
We went to the sea on the way to taste the draft drinks.
the guys went swimming, but they too would be happy to refresh themselves, but.
there was nothing under the dress except the panties.
Water men refreshed and they decided to continue.
It was time to stop, Serezha was already not what.
But they started.
After 30 minutes, my husband was a “living corpse” – he himself could not walk.
I didn’t know how to drag him home now, it wasn’t for me.
Victor offered me help.
I agreed – I had no choice anyway.

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They brought him to the room, laid on the bed in the bedroom.
I pulled off his clothes, put him to bed.
Released in the hall and.
I was somewhat shocked – Viktor was dozing in the chair.
Jura was not visible.
I thought that they left, well at least I didn’t come out naked.
Yura was on the balcony.
I thought you were gone.
Yes, here I look at the sea, you have a beautiful view.
Yes, yes we will leave now.
He took out a cigarette.
Give me too.
We silently smoked leaning slightly on the railing and looked at the night sea.
It was so calm and good.
Yur, you gotta go.
He came to me in tight: Len, you are very beautiful.
I wanted to tell you about it all evening.
But everything is like that.
Yur, don’t.
Go to yourself.
He put his arm around me and shook himself toward me.
What are you doing? Let go.
He did not let me continue, unexpectedly leaning his lips on mine.
I rested in his chest, trying to free myself, something moaned, but it was all useless.
His hand slid up his back and immediately there was a sound of unzipping lightning.
I resumed the attempt with more effort.
I felt my back as his hand went down lower and lower with the zipper lock.
Here the zipper is completely unbuttoned.
His hand stroked my back.
From his touch on the skin ran goosebumps, I began to peel his fists on the back.
He slightly pulled away from me, and slightly pulled the dress – it treacherously crawled down and fell to the floor.
I stayed in some panties.
Although they could cover up – a small shred of matter in front and a string behind.
He began to kiss his face, neck, earlobes, goosebumps again running across his body.
Every second my resistance decreased, I simply did not have the strength.
There was only one thought in my head – only Serezha did not wake up.
When he reached his chest and began to kiss her, lightly nibbling her nipples, I gave up.
There was fever in his chest, fog appeared in his head.
I grabbed his goal and squeezed him to the chest.
It was so nice, the lower abdomen involuntarily ached.
Seeing that I no longer resist, he grabbed me in his arms and took a couple of steps and laid his back on the table, which stood on the balcony.
From the touch of a cool surface, I arched.
He continued to kiss my body, going lower and lower.
Began to thong with me, I slightly raised my ass. 1080p sex video online.

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