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I howled, tears filled my eyes.
If she hasn’t started yet, then what will happen when she starts!
The doorbell rang.

Reluctantly, Kidson put the magazine down, pushed the table with the fresh mail aside and shook his head.
– Who could it be? Friends usually call.
A large soft chair creaked skin and let him go.
Going down into the hallway, he straightened his bathrobe and opened the door.
His eyebrows rose slightly inquiringly.
At the threshold stood a young unfamiliar girl, from one glance at which, Kidson’s habitually sucked in the stomach: he knew a lot about such matters – a blouse made of fine gray wool not only did not hide forms, but by fitting what it was put on, made it even more attractive and seductive.
Lowering the oily gaze below, Kidson slid his eyes along the narrow miniskirt that embossed the contours of underwear in relief and transferred it to slender legs in thin, flesh-colored stockings.
Swallowing a lump in his throat, Kidson looked up.
The correct form of the girl’s face was framed by dark silky curls, gently falling on her shoulders.
Her thin, chiseled nose, combined with large brown eyes and slightly swollen lips, made her look like Dorothy Chain in “Street Girls,” which hire was recommended. ”
only to raise the form before the night’s fun. ”
Such thoughts in the chest of a somewhat dumbfounded Kidson gave a hunch, and he involuntarily started, which did not escape the attention of the stranger.
– Uh-uh.
– Kidson came to his senses.

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“What can I do for you, miss?” Noticing all the movements of Kidson’s gaze and his respective reactions, the girl smiled slightly derisively and the cheerful sparkles slipped into her gaze.
– Sorry, mister.
? – Kidson, miss.
– Yes, Mr. Kidson.
My name is Annette Scheinon, I work at the university.
Our university is now conducting some case studies.
Could you help us a little and answer some questions? A sly smile still wandered on her lips.
Kidson licked his dry lips and smiled broadly.
“What a conversation,” he said readily.
– By the way, you are very on time! I just had coffee brewed, and my wife left for the city shopping and will return only in the evening.
He flung open the door and cautiously stepped aside, making an inviting gesture with his hand.
The girl’s eyes once again flashed slyly.
Then she took the business handbag off her shoulder and entered the house, banging sharp heels on the hallway floor and showered Kidson with a cloud of fragrant perfumes that drive men to their senses regardless of their age.
He hastily

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closed the door and led the guest into the hall.
She was a little ironic, but she looked around with interest, and then climbed with her legs on the chair proposed by Kidson and, as if by chance, lifted the fabric of the skirt even more.
Unable to break away from this, Kidson asked: – E.
Do you bring coffee – Yes, and if possible, with sugar and even with cream.
Having fulfilled her request, he sat next to her on the edge of the sofa, and with an ironic smile of a seasoned man looked at her questioningly, covering his robe with his hand on his lower abdomen.
The girl, noticing his manipulations, put the coffee on the coffee table, took a folder from her purse and smiled.
– I would like you to answer the question.
– She took out a magazine in a glossy cover, opened it on the first page and handed it to Kidson.
On the page opened by a guest, a color photograph was placed depicting a naked woman on her knees, craving a sucking dick of the man.
With a smile frozen on his lips, Kidson looked up from porn and looked inquiringly at his interlocutor.
? – I mean sex and pornography? Amateur cam naked.

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