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Then we, exhausted, lay in a bathroom filled to the brim with hot water, kissing and stroking each other.
Jesse whispered something in Donna’s ear, and then turned to me.
– We think that in our pretty little trio there is a serious potential.

You will not live some time with us? At first, I did not even know what to say to her.
It seemed to me that the ego is just a chance meeting, and that Jesse and Donna hardly love me, as well as each other.
But this has never happened to me before, and I decided that it was worth it.
It seems that I, Donna and Jessie have become something more than one night lovers.
In addition, now we have a nice time at work.
That only proves how exciting work in a clothing store can be.
After taking a shower, after playing with the girls, I picked up the phone and dialed my mother’s number.
Hello, son, – I heard the phone, not yet saying a word.
Hello Maw.
How do you? How is Lena? – I asked.
All is well, dear.
Helen today on duty.
I miss one.
Yesterday, all the household chores are redone with Lena.
Here I read the book.
– answered mom.
We wanted the whole family to come to you.
You do not mind? Certainly cute.
Only, how is Yulenka? She is not aware of our relationship.
– Mom was surprised.
Already in the know.
She wants to get to know you better, if you don’t mind, – I answered with a smile.
True? Well done, son! I did not doubt you.
I knew you would find the right words.
Good girl! I’m proud of you! – Mom congratulated me.
Son, let’s make an appointment for three in the afternoon.
I need to prepare to meet you.
Good? Of course, mom.
In three we will be with you.
– I answered and turned off the phone.
I went to the hall, where Zhenya and Yulenka were drinking tea.
So, girls.
Anya is waiting for us at three o’clock.
Therefore, you have four hours of fees and training.
And a personal request from me.
I want to see you in beautiful lingerie.

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– I said.
Well then, I also have a request for you, – said Eugene, – You will also be in beautiful lingerie.
Yulenka burst out laughing.
I looked at her, then at my wife.
Ofcourse honey.
As you say.
Will you choose me a set? – I clarified.
Yes, honey, I’ll pick something up for you.
You already have a fairly large selection, – said Eugene with a smile.
“But now you’ll take us shopping.”
So why sit down? Get ready! – I said.
– I’m on the parking lot, behind the car.
To be ready in twenty minutes.
Yes, sir! – Julia snapped and put her hand to her head.
We laughed with my wife and I left to dress.
Twenty minutes later they were waiting for me on the street.
We went to the lingerie shopping center.
Popped in a sex shop.
Zhenya and Julia chose their own underwear and a pair of toys.
Recently, my wife’s salary allowed us to buy what we want and not pay attention to the pennies that I was paid to the scientific research institute.
Loaded packages in the trunk.
We drove into another store and bought our daughter a beautiful emerald translucent dress,

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with a cut to the waist and lace-up.
Zhenya bought a sapphire dress made of thicker fabric, but with a cut on the back almost to the buttocks.
The girls wanted to hit Anya and I think they will succeed.
Then I took them to the salon.
I waited another hour in the car.
We still had one and a half hours.
We quickly got home.
Dear, quickly take off your clothes and in the shower, for the procedures, – Zhenya commanded.
– Yulenka, you are next.
I took off all my clothes and went into the shower.
There, Eugene was already waiting for me in a robe and with an enema in her hands.
Having done the usual procedure, I went to the kitchen to make coffee.
Twenty minutes later, Yulenka jumped out of the shower and ran naked to her room.
I went to the shower door with a cup of coffee.
Zhenya took water in an enema.
Can I help you? – I suggested.
Better make me some coffee.
I can handle it myself.
How much time do we still have? – My wife asked.
I think half an hour maximum.
Then do not bother.
I went to the kitchen.
I made coffee.
Girls! The coffee is ready.
– I shouted.
A minute later the wife entered the kitchen in her sapphire dress.
My jaw dropped when I saw it.
Hair, makeup, jewelry.
All this is not that.
But the dress, – by force of will, I suppressed in myself the desire to turn it back towards me, to bend it and to force it.
Zhenya felt my mood and came to me tight, put her hand under her robe and squeezed my testicles a little.
Honey, not now.
Chill out.
Here at Ani you can do with me whatever you want, – she smiled and kissed me on the cheek.
Next came the daughter.
I almost did not let go of the mug.
So beautiful, I have not seen her yet. Anisyia livejasmin naked.

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