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The massage fell on the lower abdomen, dramatically increasing my already intolerable urge for a little.
Not having lasted half a minute, I began to write.
– Immediately calm down, – said Nastya.

– Did the stomach really hurt? – smiled Julia.
Continuing to drench my pants, I, with a face full of shame, presented the reaction of the girls when they discovered that I was describing myself.
– Oh, what is it? – Sveta suddenly cried out, removing her hand from my “diaper”.
“A very suspicious wet spot,” Natasha giggled.
– What are you doing? – Sveta turned to me in surprise.
– Of course, he wrote himself! – Nastya laughed.
– Wow! – Julia smiled, – If there is such a healthy spot on diapers, I can imagine the condition of his pants.
The girls giggled again – however this time somehow sluggishly and uncertainly.
It was noticeable that they were shocked by what had happened.
– And now what to do with it? – quietly asked Sveta Natasha.
“I don’t know,” Light shrugged and went to her bed.
Following Sveta, all the rest scattered over their beds.
I did not know what to do.
Spit out and pacifier and call the nurse? Keep lying wet until an adult discovers me? Try to free yourself from the diapers? Thoughts flooded randomly in my head, and tears flowed down my cheeks.

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– What is going on here? – I suddenly heard the voice of Vali, who had stepped in on duty after a night nurse.
I looked up at the girl in the white

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coat standing in the doorway.
In Valin’s eyes, they were perplexed and confused.
For a couple of seconds, she silently peered into my tear-stained face, and then, taking the nipple from my mouth, turned her gaze lower and felt me ??in the groin area.
– Who are you so swaddled? – asked the nurse in surprise, looking around.
There was heavy silence in the ward.
– What is silent? – Valya raised her voice, – Who wrapped the boy in these sheets? Valya looked at the girls with an indignant look.
– Well? she asked in a menacing tone.
The girls continued to be silent in dismay.
I noticed that everything, as if on cue, turned to Sveta’s side.
“I know, Sveta, this is your doing,” Valya said, stopping a heavy look on Sveta.
– We just wanted to play with the boy in the baby toddler, – Light began to justify herself, – Who knew that he was writing about.
– What are these games ?! – Nurse asked indignantly. – Is he a doll to you? Nothing, today Nina Petrovna will talk with your parents.
– Svetka parents are not the first time to head.
branch cause, – whispered Nastya Yulia.
The nurse sat on my bed and began to unwrap the “diaper”.
– Do not cry, honey, – she smiled gently, – Now I will release you from these sheets.
Feeling safe next to Valya, I calmed down a bit and didn’t scream sober, but just sobbed softly. Bongacams tokens hack v2 33.

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