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“You are tasty too,” I replied, admiring her smooth pubis.
– as you understand while you are here, I am at your complete disposal.
And we laughed.

To be continued

It was a long time ago when I was 16 years old.
My parents gave birth to me early, my mother was 17.5 years old when I was born.
It is not difficult to calculate that when I was 16, my mother was 33.
She is very beautiful and advanced in life.
Big standing chest, big nipples, long legs and long black hair.
In short, the woman’s dream.
All my friends looked at her.
And the following happened.
My father left for a long business trip abroad, and since there was no school there, I stayed at home with my mother.
I literally a month after my father left, I noticed that she was walking, if not her own, we need a man! She began to walk at home in a dressing gown through which everything is visible, naturally she did not wear panties.
And in general, she began to treat me differently.
He pats once again, he kisses, and so his whole body presses against me, which took my breath away, and there was a scrap in my pants.

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And one evening, when I was already in bed, she came to me to say good night.
She leaned over me to kiss, and a naked chest fell out of her robe.
Not paying attention to it, she kissed me on the cheek.
And I touched her breast with my hand and kissed her nipple.
My cock literally bursting.
She threw open her robe and began to stroke her chest over my face.
I began, with rapture, to kiss that luxurious bosom.
Her nipples are no softer than my dick.
She pulled off the sheets from me and began to stroke my penis.
Cowards took off by themselves and in a couple of minutes I finished.
But the member did not even think to fall.
And then my mother took it in her mouth.
God, what a thrill it was!
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