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And Zhenya? How would she react? Again I would probably be angry.
Mom entered the room.
A black dress under the throat and above the knees, with a huge neckline on the back and a small neckline between the breasts, in which there was a golden pendant.

On her legs black stockings, black suede shoes with high heels.
Mom turned several times around its axis.
– How do I look? Not very old for this outfit? – asked mom – Yes you are beautiful! I have not seen you like this for a long time.
– Now, put my hair and go.
Mom quickly combed her lush hair, sprayed with varnish.
– We can go.
– stated mom.
The evening was wonderful.
Slowly walked along the streets.
Then we went to the embankment.
Rare couples kissed on benches and near the parapet.
Mom walked beside me, holding me by the elbow.
We were chatting about something cute, discussing the young.
They shared problems at work and eventually turned into a store.
Bought a bottle of wine.
Mom bought ladies’ cigarettes and we went home.
Going into the apartment, my mother asked me to take off her shoes.
I got down on one knee and took an ankle in my hands and began to gently take off my shoe.
Smooth and slippery nylon excited.
Thin fingers on mom’s little legs were warm and toy-like.
Then I took off the second shoe.
Mom stood with her back against the wall and watched from above as I dismounted it.

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My hands began to raise higher.
Mom did not resist and did not stop me.
– Son, open the wine and bring an ashtray.
I’m a little tired and want to lie down.
Just do not linger.
– said mom and went to her room.
Zhenya never smoked and I was afraid that the room and things would be soaked with smoke.
Oh and good.
I quickly went to the kitchen, opened the wine, took out two beautiful glasses, an ashtray.
Going into the room I saw my mother lying on the bed with her eyes closed.
There was a muffled light.
I put the tray on the bedside table.
Mom opened her eyes.
I smoked.
I poured wine into glasses.
– For us.
For the closest people in the world.
And let everything that happens today be just between us.
I hope we both will like it and we will not regret it.
– Mom said mysteriously.
The clink of glasses.
Sipping wine, I put it on a tray.
Mom drank everything to the bottom.
– Pour more.
Thirst torments.
– asked mom.
I poured more wine.
Mom drained the glass again.
Then she got out of bed.
– Honey, help remove the dress.
– She asked and turned her back to me.
Her beautiful velvet back is so cool in the dim light.
I stretched the push-ups on the back of the collar.
– Bottom too, son.
– asked mom.
I took the zipper and slowly lowered it below.
Lightning reached the tailbone and stopped.
Mom took off her dress from her shoulders.
Beautiful linen, pretty skin.
All this drove me crazy.
I, as in a fog, hugged my mother by the shoulders and began to cover her back with kisses.
Below the shoulder blades, on the spine.
He knelt down.
Before me were her elastic beautiful buttocks, laced in black panties.
I began to kiss them one by one.
Mom was in

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no hurry to turn around.
She only bent a little in the back and spread her legs wider.
I unfastened my stockings from my belt and took off my belt.
Black lace panties, shorts perfectly emphasized her beauty. Cams com sexchat video.

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