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The first one casually tossed the tarp off to the side and slid inside.
It was rather dark there, so at the first instant he didn’t have time to see anything, and then it was too late.
Someone’s hand firmly clamped his mouth, and slashed his throat with a cold, sharp blade.

– Zach, what are you stuck there? – asked the second gangster, and also went after him.
Pete managed to see only someone’s massive figure and falling mate, before he was knocked out with one powerful blow to the chest.
He fell head over heels from the wagon and fell right between the horses, who started to fight in reins with fright.
At the same time, Liliana struck the remaining three with a fast powerful stream of force, trying to knock them off their horses.
However, two of them managed to react to a threatening movement and understand what it brings with them.

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They managed to group themselves and were relatively well on the ground.
The third, although it was not so clever, but also did not suffer much during the fall.
Sylvia jumped out of the wagon – and rushed forward, covering her friends.
The prince appeared with a loaded crossbow, which Flora immediately grabbed from him.
Heavy bolt flew in the direction of one of the mercenaries, but he managed to jump off at the very last moment.
Sylvia converged on swords with the leader of the gang, who was already prepared for battle.
Liliana did not like to stand on the front line, and without a staff she did not feel very confident.
Her opponent was also quite experienced and knew some of the tricks of the battle with the magicians.
He managed to stand on his feet in front of a new flow of power, taking the right stance.

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Then he sharply reduced the distance and struck a short blow with the sword.
The sharp blade proportioned the protection on Liliana’s forearm, before she gathered herself and enveloped herself in protection.
If the mage did not fail to fill up on the first attempt, then in an open one-on-one battle the chances of defeating melt in the blink of an eye.
The infuriated pain of Liliana literally drove the enemy into the ground with her twisted luminous threads, and then also added a powerful fiery torrent.
In this fight, Richie was no longer a passive observer: Sylvia allowed to intervene in an emergency, but just not to get under his feet.
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