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Its nostrils were swollen, as the pendulum demanded more oxygen, otherwise the mechanism would burn.
You, my perceptive reader, for certain, understood, what mechanism strove to burn out, exactly where the fire burned in her.
The longer we stood, the more unbearable it became.

The legs were numb, and maybe they just called us on the road.
Xenia looked up: something had changed in him.

I did not know what it was, but the error was unlikely.
I rushed to her.
Catching her waist, I dug into her lips.
Xenia shared my feelings: she threw her arms around my neck and clung to me.
Under the force of the force, we burst into the kitchen and rammed the dining table.
My hungry hands felt the warmth of her body through the robe.
With one hand, I hugged her shoulders, the other – climbed down.
As soon as my hand was on her ass, Xenia threw one of her legs over my thigh.
The floors of the dressing gown slid down and my tanned skin opened to my gaze.
Nothing aroused me more than female nude skin.
There is something in it.

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My fingers crushed her soft flesh.
I felt Xenia sigh intermittently.
Passion permeated her body.
She spread her legs even harder, leaning her coccyx on the table top.
My hand slipped on the naked part of her legs – the warmth of her skin passed on to me.
I felt like a vampire sucking the life force of a victim.
Xenia pressed her pubis against me.
I imagined how wet it was in her panties.
A sexy vampire, waking up inside of me, wanted to drink it to the bottom.
The hand climbed under the robe, where her flaming buttocks were burning with flame.
Fingers felt soft underwear, aspired to where her pussy was oozing.
The second hand went down to her ass, I lifted her and sat on the table.
Cutlery flew in different directions.
I opened her dressing gown, and, freed from the shackles, her breasts flew out.
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